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Come Grow With Us To Redefine The Future Of Work In Pakistan

COLABS’ vision is to redefine the future of work in Pakistan. We aim to reconfigure the modern workplace to make it more open and collaborative; a place where you can feel inspired and comfortable.


Who We Are

COLABS is Pakistan’s fastest growing collaborative workspace thoughtfully designed to enable people and businesses to grow. We aim to inspire collaboration, productivity and innovation through our platform and network.


We believe in making individuals realize their potential and providing them the network and resources they need to be successful. Through our ecosystem, we want to create a culture of togetherness, innovation and ambition for a generation of change-makers. We offer support through a curated community focused on the future of work.

Our Background

    • Colabs - About company - Sabcon
    • COLABS is a project of SABCON; Pakistan’s leading development firm focused on innovative and high-end real estate.
    • Colabs - About company - Bangerhead
    • COLABS is backed by Swedish E-commerce giant; Bangerhead. The group has an investment focus on collaborative and futuristic workspaces.

Transforming Pakistan’s Oldest Towel Factory

The initial home to Pakistan’s first towel factory, WATEX c.1958; an industrial relic that had outlived its duty and was threatened by decay. The factory was gutted, repurposed and is now filled with new life as a contemporary co-working space with an industrial chic edge, creating COLABS’ first flagship site.

Our Team

our team

Our Values


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We believe that by working together we can create something bigger, better and more meaningful.


We strive to be a catalyst for innovation to maximize the potential of our members and bring out their best.


We love what we do and are not afraid to take risks on our way to becoming the leaders of change in the innovative workspace ecosystem in Pakistan.


We proactively look out for our members, care about their success and facilitate them in every way possible.


We are future focused. As the world around us evolves, we are determined to constantly innovate, create new work experiences and redefine the concept of work-life balance.


Our all-inclusive workspace combines modern technology and thoughtfully designed spaces that deliver seamless and enriching work experiences.