Young & Spirited – Shahrukh Hamid

Shahrukh Hamid COLABS

One of COLABS’ oldest employees, Shahrukh Hamid, the Community & Sales Manager, lights up any room he walks into. Having joined the organization in 2020 by chance, today he heads a crew of 45. With a background in art and design from Beaconhouse National University (BNU) in Lahore, Shahrukh laughs when he recalls the early […]

Living with Purpose

Adeel Ismail

Standing as the first Bachelors and Master’s degree-holder in his family, 27-year-old Adeel Ismail, has accomplished what many his age haven’t yet been able to. For one, the People & Culture Lead at COLABS (in Gulberg), has over ten years of work experience under his belt, not to mention the life experience and wisdom that […]

Salahuddin Khawaja – The Optimistic Realist

Salahuddin Khawaja Hypermode

46-year-old Salahuddin Khawaja is a man who wears many hats. The founder of Hypermode, an NY based crypto consulting firm, Salahuddin also heads a 50+ member team at his digital agency, Decklaration, housed at COLABS, Gulberg. With a career spanning over two decades on Wall Street, Salahuddin worked as a Management Consultant in New York […]

A Mentor for All Seasons

Khurram Latif, A Mentor for all Seasons

On a busy weekday, Khurram Latif, the CX & OD Trainer at COLABS is earnestly speaking to his team of young crew members about the importance of making women feel safe at work. “You must be polite and respectful,” Khurram says, “Make eye contact once, acknowledge what someone’s asking or telling you, but don’t continue […]

“Women Shouldn’t Shy Away From Leadership Positions” – Shahla Lal

Shahla Lal COLABS

Born and raised in Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan, 31-year-old Shahla Lal was drawn to sports from a young age. The baseball team captain in school and a tennis player to boot, she often found her calling on the sports ground, participating in, and winning, a series of inter-school competitions. In fact, once years ago, a […]