“Women Shouldn’t Shy Away From Leadership Positions” – Shahla Lal

Shahla Lal COLABS

Born and raised in Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan, 31-year-old Shahla Lal was drawn to sports from a young age. The baseball team captain in school and a tennis player to boot, she often found her calling on the sports ground, participating in, and winning, a series of inter-school competitions. In fact, once years ago, a […]

Why Coworking is Perfect For Gen Z

Coworking Spaces for Gen Z

Gen Z is known for its tech-savvy, go-getter attitude, excellent influencing skills, and social media expertise. They are THE go-to people in this new age of social media because of their vast internet knowledge. According to the Pew Research Center, Gen Z is born after 1996, so they are in their early-mid-20s. They are known […]

COLABS Fundraise

COLABS Fundraise

Announcing our $3 million fundraise led by Indus Valley Capital, Fatima Gobi Ventures, and Zayn Capital The way we work is continuously changing. Today’s unconventional working methods didn’t exist a few years ago. Companies are changing their working patterns to allow a more flexible environment that increases productivity and employee satisfaction. COLABS facilitates businesses by […]

How are the women of COLABS redefining our #FutureOfWork

COLABS Women in Coworking

Women and their fight for the right to go to work is a century-old struggle, and while it is disappointing to realize that the fight still isn’t over, we have seen women rise to claim their right to work over the past few decades, especially in Pakistan. Being a developing country, Pakistan is thriving in […]

Why COLABS Enterprise is perfect for your company

COLABS Enterprise

With nearly 700 members and 100+ companies across multiple facilities in Lahore, COLABS is the fastest growing flexible workspace in the country. But what if we tell you we are expanding even further? COLABS Enterprise is the ultimate extension and expansion that COLABS has been envisioning for the past few months now. While the long-term […]

The Future of Hybrid Coworking Spaces after COVID

Hybrid Coworking Spaces

One of the major COVID-19’s effects had been the complete online shift of workspaces. This had called for rapid changes at work, giving people little to no time in adjusting to the new normal of working remotely. Presently, however, the workspace situation has transformed into something new – hybrid. A hybrid model does not only […]

Consumer Experience Guide for Choosing a Coworking space

Consumer Guide For Coworking

What came first, the brand perception or the consumer experience? The customer journey experience plays an integral part in ensuring the success of your business; it translates into the perception of your brand. The better the perception, the better the business. Therefore, curating a seamlessly tailored experience for your customers is pertinent to inducing a […]

How to Avoid a Workplace Burnout

Workplace Burnout

Keeping a balanced tipping scale The Covid-19 Pandemic gave birth to ‘Work from Home, WFH, which blurred the lines between the established work, relax, sleep balance. WFH created an illusion of constant accessibility, availability and communication. It distorted the concept of “working hours” and begged the question: what time does work exactly start and when […]

Women In Entrepreneurship

Women and Entrepreneurship

It’s said we live in a man’s world, and sometimes it definitely feels that way. Have you ever struggled to reach a high bookshelf?

Impact of COVID on Coworking Spaces

Impact of COVID on Coworking

The pandemic has disrupted life as we know it in a multitude of ways, particularly when it comes to how we work. Increasingly, professionals continue to prove that they’re able to do their jobs remotely in an effective way, and many experts agree that even after the pandemic, it will become more common for employees […]