How to Avoid a Workplace Burnout

Workplace Burnout

Keeping a balanced tipping scale The Covid-19 Pandemic gave birth to ‘Work from Home, WFH, which blurred the lines between the established work, relax, sleep balance. WFH created an illusion of constant accessibility, availability and communication. It distorted the concept of “working hours” and begged the question: what time does work exactly start and when […]

Women In Entrepreneurship

Women and Entrepreneurship

It’s said we live in a man’s world, and sometimes it definitely feels that way. Have you ever struggled to reach a high bookshelf?

Impact of COVID on Coworking Spaces

Impact of COVID on Coworking

The pandemic has disrupted life as we know it in a multitude of ways, particularly when it comes to how we work. Increasingly, professionals continue to prove that they’re able to do their jobs remotely in an effective way, and many experts agree that even after the pandemic, it will become more common for employees […]

Why has Coworking in Lahore increased so rapidly?

Coworking in Lahore Increased Massively

If you type ‘Coworking in Lahore’ into Google, you will see an endless list of coworking spaces near and around you. Only a few years ago, the concept of coworking was non-existent in Pakistan. The traditional approach to setting up office in this country was to either own your own workplace or to rent the […]